Diablo Valley Foundation

1936 Tice Valley Blvd

Walnut Creek, CA, 94595

(925) 945-8040

Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging is a nonprofit corporation which provides community service to seniors in Contra Costa County since 1975. DVFA was founded by a group of community leaders included Dean Lesher, the former publisher of the Contra Costa Times and Katharine Grant, a social worker. The foundation is committed to providing vital services to aging persons who are at risk because they are alone, isolated, pressed by financial problems or confused. The list goes on. The focus of this organization is to prevent inappropriate institutionalization of elders by providing necessary support to maintain them in their community and at home as long as possible. Bob Kain has over 25 years of experience in healthcare and hospital administration. Bob is a licensed fiduciary and has been the executive director of DVFA since 2007.
The services that we provide are pretty varied dealing with senior issues. We have care managers that are either nurses or social workers that provide a liaison in-between medical staff, hospitals, issues regarding medical concerns of individuals. We have money managers that provide either in-home, money management, organizing bills, helping with taxes. Or we have bills sent to the office and we pay them from their account that we’re on as a power of attorney. So we can control that, make sure the bills are paid in a timely manner as well. We also have what we call personal assistants. These are folks that do transportation for clients and seniors in the central Contra Costa County area to medical appointments, hair appointments, companionship. We’ve got one personal assistant that plays cards with one of our clients once a week just for companionship. We also have about 40 or so volunteers for the Diablo Valley Foundation under the umbrella of AARP and Social Security program. Where we’re able to provide bill pay services for a variety of low-income seniors in central Contra Costa County without compensation.
We also run what we call a day respite program here in San Ramon for folks with mild dementia. It’s a wonderful day program where, actually, it gives the opportunity for those individuals with the family members of somebody with Alzheimer’s. It gives them an opportunity to take a break so that they could, in fact, have a day for themselves while the client participates in a social model game, a variety of daily activities. So that’s basically what we do in that sense. We also provide a variety of fiduciary services. As you indicated, I am a licensed professional fiduciary, a registered guardian and so forth. But we provide a variety of fiduciary services including trustee, either a successor trustee or a trustee. Powers of attorney for healthcare or for finance, executorship. I’m also a conservator for a few folks. So we provide a gamut of function and services for seniors in central Contra Costa County.
There are a variety of ways that DVFA gets funded. We are a fee-for-service organization. We do charge generally for the services that we do provide clients. It is on a sliding scale. Basically, an ability to pay. We have some grants; they’re more difficult to get, unfortunately, these days. But we’ve also had a lot of people over the years leave bequested funds to us, which has kept us going. We’re basically, at best, a break-even organization. So we’re not certainly a for-profit. So often, the services that we provide, we do that without charge.
If someone wants to volunteer for DVFA or even donate, check our website. We’re always looking for wonderful volunteers that want to make a difference in the quality of life of another human being. I must tell you, I’ve been in this industry for most of my life. And the folks that we have associated with this organization, I just feel blessed to be a part of.
Anybody who is a senior and that’s a term that’s loosely defined these days. But somebody who is 60 and above certainly is eligible for our services. The idea would be to contact us either through contacting us directly or having a friend that may need some help or assistance. We talk about the issues, talk about the problems and what is it we can do to help. There’s no charge for the consultation, certainly. And if we can’t provide the service, we know lots of people who have other functions within the community that we’re more than happy to refer out to. So we just don’t say “No” if we can’t help somebody.
We use Horizon Elder Law is one of the very few referral organizations that we refer down to, particularly down in this area. We deal with most of the elder law attorneys in Contra Costa County. But we get lots of questions from time to time as to who we use. Do you have this question on my will or my trust? I must tell you that you and Julie are on a very short list of referrals that we do. So I do want to emphasize that and no, I’m not paid for this comment.