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Welcome to the East Bay Nursing Homes section of The Eldercare Channel. A nursing home is a long term care facility that caters to seniors who require full time nursing care and other assistance. Seniors who enter nursing homes generally are not able to receive the proper level of care or supervision in their own homes or require more assistance than an assisted living facility is equipped to provide. The decision to enter into a nursing home facility is often a difficult one for both seniors and caregivers and it’s a good idea to look at all of your options before making a final choice.

When looking at nursing home facilities, it’s a good idea to visit several different places. When you go, make sure that you tour the common and public areas as well as the private areas and rooms. You may even want to show up unannounced or at different times of the day to get a feel for what life is like at the facility at all times. Take the time to stop and chat with residents and staff to see if the people who spend the most time there actually enjoy being there. The level of happiness that the staff seem to have with their jobs can be a good indicator of the quality of life offered in the nursing home.

To the right, you will find a comprehensive directory of nursing homes in the area to help you find the best facility for your loved one. At The Eldercare Channel of Contra Costa County, we strive to provide as much information and as many resources as possible to seniors and caregivers. There are many articles on our website as well that deal with nursing homes and other topics that are important to the elder community. Our video host, Julie M. Fiedler of Horizon Elder Law & Estate Planning, is a Certified Elder Law Attorney and a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.  She is also a registered nurse.


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