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East Bay assisted living homes are residences for area seniors who need some help with daily tasks, but who do not require the supervision that can often be found in a nursing home.  Assisted living facilities and homes allow seniors who cannot live completely on their own comfortably to retain their independence for as long as possible. Seniors can receive general services in assisted living homes like mobility aids, housekeeping, meal preparation, shower assistance, and personal grooming. Not all assisted living homes offer the same services.  Make sure that you have evaluated your own personal current and future needs for assistance before making a transfer to assisted living. The Contra Costa County Eldercare Channel’s video host Julie M. Fiedler of Horizon Elder Law & Estate Planning has provided a directory of local assisted living facilities to help you choose the best for you.

Assisted Living East Bay

When looking at assisted living homes, you will find that there are several options. Some facilities are located in continuing care communities, while others are stand-alone facilities or part of a nursing home. Make sure to check multiple homes before settling on the one that is right for you or your family member.  Check into the fine print of any contracts or agreements that you are asked to sign. Make several personal trips to the facility to make sure that it is a place where you feel completely comfortable.

For a directory of assisted living facilities in the area, please see our listings below. Here at The Eldercare Channel of Contra Costa County, we know what a big decision choosing an assisted living facility can be. We offer a number of articles with information and advice on assisted living, as well as many other topics that are interesting to seniors and caregivers.

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