Overwhelmed? Maybe You Need Walnut Creek Respite Care

A Walnut Creek geriatric care manager can find many services for your parent or spouse. Among those services is finding respite for a caregiver. When you are the primary caregiver, many times you are taking on all the tasks by yourself. The stress can begin to affect your health. Is respite care the answer and how does one find it?

What is Walnut Creek respite care?

Many caregivers believe they are not allowed to take breaks, or, they do not know anyone who can provide them with some rest. Respite care is available and is a service that allows caregivers to leave care to a qualified professional while they take needed time off. Finding these services for caregivers is one of the jobs of geriatric care managers. A respite care professional can also make you a better caregiver. Consider:

  • Your symptoms: are you irritated, exhausted, overwhelmed?
  • Are you alone able to provide the level of care the senior needs anymore?
  • What options for respite can be found and what training will they offer you?

What are Your Symptoms?

Being a caregiver to an elderly relative or friend is an important responsibility that some in the family may not understand. You may have been tasked with it because you are the nearest relative, a caring individual, or are the best qualified, but whatever the reason you were chosen to make someone else’s life better. You love the job and do not begrudge the hours, but now you are overwhelmed need some help. The professionals at Geriatric Healthcare Consultants, Eldercare Services or LivHome Walnut Creek can find rest for you. Even the most caring, selfless, compassionate person needs help. When you are at your best, you can better take care of someone else. Everyone also needs rest and caring for someone else can take that away and cause illness.

Can You Provide the Required Care?

Sometimes a caregiver will get overwhelmed, but feel responsible to fulfill the promise they made as a caregiver. If the senior is not getting the best care possible, it is better to admit that someone else could help with some parts of the care. You are a better person for providing the right care for the senior.

Options for Respite and Caregiver Training

One of the services that respite care can provide is more advanced training for the primary caregiver. Too often people are thrown into roles that they are not prepared for and respite care can fix any deficiencies. Senior Visionary Services, Transitions with Care, Senior Alternatives, or Better Care Choices offers the services of geriatric care managers to overwhelmed caregivers in Walnut Creek who may not know what is available to them.

If you, as a caregiver, are tired and overwhelmed, there are options and training available. A care manager is a senior care professional who works to provide resources to overworked caregivers. Walnut Creek has the options you need to make sure that you and the senior are taken care of very well.